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ScanFactory combines multiple pentest solutions in one cloud platform
ScanFactory creates an internal graph which interconnects all company assets, keeps historical track on them, and uses various mechanisms to optimize the vulnerability search. This allows to find long chains on complex vulnerabilities.

You set and forget
Developer pushes a new change to Javascript file and forgets to remove UAT subdomain
Crawler discovers a change during a daily scan and adds this subdomain to the database
You receive 1 alert with an issue
Later on this subdomain nmap discovers an open port 808
Dirsearch discovers a directory /clientname-dev/ using a custom dictionary from scraped keywords
Wappalyzer discovers updated Wordpress
Wpscan extracts registered userIDs and successfully bruteforces admin password
Recon: Subdomain enumeration
Recon: Subdomain bruteforce
Application Security Testing Scanner
Web crawler
Web path scanner
Tools under the hood:
Leading Vulnerability Assessment Tool
Port scanning
Bruteforce passwords
Subdomain takeover
Fingerprint technologies
Historical website search
WordPress security scanner
Private exploits
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