ScanFactory: Continuous security scanner
Automated vulnerability assessment for external infrastructure.
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ScanFactory provides external infrastructure real-time security, heads-up.
We've built a security scanning pipeline where top-tier instruments are combined into one platform.
monitors your attack surface
discovers vulnerabilities
reports critical issues
is performed continuously as a red team, and is easier to manage than bugbounty program.
penetration test
Security scanning pipeline
leading security tools and plugins
paid external service APIs
custom wordlists
best practice techniques
How does it work?
Robots never miss a security check, are easy to control, and available 24/7.
We agree on scope
Platform maps attack surface: hidden domains, ports, crawl websites
Platform performs a deep-deep scan that discovers vulnerabilities
You receive notifications on severe issues
Any scale, any speed
Focused on extremely fast results delivery. Distributed scanning avoids bottlenecks.
Keywords are extracted from websites, and are used as an input for hacking magic.
Every client has its own computing space, preventing data leaks.
Minimize the stress
Page deduplication algorithms, scanning prioritization engine, removing redundant HTTP parameters.
Benefits of ScanFactory
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